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        Welcome to Hangzhou Shilo Chemical Co.,Ltd.!

        Founded in 2009, Hangzhou shilo pharmachem Co., Ltd.is a specialized manufacturing factory of APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates and other fine chemicals.our factory is situated in shandong  province with over 66,700sqm of lands and sales office is located in hangzhou,China.There are well-trained workforces in our company, and over 50 of them are technicians with senior or medium titles. Well-known for complete production equipments, advanced production methods and complete inspection facilities, we now have the good abilities to develop, design and produce products independently. Under the cooperation of Many TOP University, we also are working hard on the development of latest technologies and custom-made products. Now, we found sales center and R&D center in the downtown of Hangzhou city,they are well sold in EU, India, South America and Southeast Asia, etc.

        We take pride in the long term partnership with all our reputed customers, and feel truly fortunate to work with mutual trust and respect. We constantly strive to keep up with customers ever increasing expectation in a highly competitive environment, to ensure that we are worthy of their trust and reliance.

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